7 Essential Factors to Look Out for When Viewing a Property

Viewing a property is an essential step when you wish to buy or rent it. Remember that you will be attached to the property for a long time, and you want to make the right decision. You do not want to settle for a property only to be disappointed.

However, most property buyers do not know what to pay attention to when viewing a property. For that reason, we have a list of the things you should look out for when viewing a property.

1. The Room Size

You should check whether a property has substantial space. Ensure that your furniture can fit in the house. Some of the red flags you should notice include small furniture in a room, making the room appear bigger. You can measure the room size using a tape measure to be sure of its size.

2. The Surrounding and Neighborhood

It is wise to scrutinize whether a property is in the conducive surrounding. Check whether the environment is worthwhile and whether you will be comfortable making it your home. Some of the things to check in the neighborhood include social amenities and infrastructure. 

3. Look into the Plumbing

You should check whether every plumbing aspect is done in the right way. Run the taps to ensure that water has high pressure. Also, consider whether the pipes are insulated. If the pipes are made of lead, you will need to replace them. Scrutinize whether the radiators are working and whether they need replacements. Identify any area of plumbing that needs some fixing or replacements.

4. Look Closely to the Electricals

Ensure that you switch on and off the light switches to check whether they are working. Check out for any broken or exposed electrical wires, which can be dangerous.

Electrical work can be costly, and you need to take note of that. You can get an electrical survey to confirm whether everything is in good condition. Check whether there are enough plugs to suit all your gadgets.

5. Check the Roofs

Check how old the roofs are. Aging roofs might have leaky gutters. If the roofs are not in good condition, you might need to do replacements, which is costly. Getting a roof survey will help you understand the roof condition and whether you will require to do replacements. 

6. Watch Out for Damp Areas

The last thing you would want is to live in a damp house. Therefore, you need to pay attention to musty smell, mold, peeling wallpaper, and dark patches that are red flags for dampness. Your health should come first, and you need to be vigilant with a damp house, which can cause health problems.

7. Check the Drainage

Check out whether there is sufficient drainage around the area and whether there is a possibility of flooding. Check whether the drains block easily by looking for overflowing water and build-up of debris.

Final Words

If you look out for the above things, you can make the right decision about a property. It is wise to view a property at least twice before making a decision. Also, you can bring someone during a property viewing to help you see things you might miss.

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