Gold Coast Mansions Of Long Island

The Gold Coast in Long Island is home to some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring mansions and estates throughout the New York State. Some of the best mansions here are lined with vast gardens with a picturesque view of the shores of Long Island. What’s even more inspiring is the fact that many of these breathtaking mansions have stubbornly withstood the test of time. Now restored, many of the estates have been transformed in Church schools, museums, event venues and memorials of a bygone era. So if you’re in town for some sightseeing, here are some of the best Gold Coast mansions of Long Island you simply cannot miss:

The Vanderbilt Mansion

You can find this incredible estate at Centerport, 180 Little Neck Road. The mansion houses a planetarium and a museum, so there are lots of things to do. Or you could just take a tour of the mansion itself. There is something for everyone in this lavish estate.

Coindre Hall

The Coindre Hall is a massive estate spanning an incredible 80,000-sq.ft. Constructed in 1912, the manor is now used to host different types of events such as weddings, seminars, business conferences, baby showers as well as holiday parties. You can find this Gold Coast gem at 101 Browns Rd in Huntington. With 40 rooms and the capacity to host up to 200 guests, the Coindre Hall also features indoor and outdoor receptions area where you can host cocktail parties.

Glen Cove Mansion

Located at 200 Dosoris Lane in Glen Cove, the mansion spans an incredible 50 acres and has been transformed into a mansion hotel as well as a conference center. It’s a pretty sweet weekend getaway spot, boasting a whopping 187 rooms. A massive (29,000-sq.ft estate), it is surrounded by picturesque gardens. The estate is over 108 years old and you can make a reservations there for just about anything – from weddings and business conferences to seminars and Bar Mitzvahs.

Westbury House

The best thing about the Westbury House by far is the fact that the mansion is surrounded by a massive 200-acre garden. The mansion was built by the Philips family; you can find the estate at 71 Old Westbury Road. There are a bunch of activities you can do at the estate, like hosting parties, enjoying a family picnic, getting your wedding photos taken, throwing vacations parties, etc. Built in 1906, you could also enjoy the complete tour of the mansion (and by the way, it is dog friendly!).

Mill Neck Manor

Nestled on a massive 86 acres of land, the Mill Neck Manor proudly stands in clear view of the Long Island Sound. The manor has been transformed into an NYS accredited education center for the deaf. The estate was previously named Sefton Manor, and the property was bought by the LFD (Lutheran Friends of the Dead) back in 1946. Their main objective was to train, teach and assist deaf children from infancy up until high school.

The Charming Oheka Castle

This stunning castle is located at 134 West Gate Dr in Huntington, Long Island. The mansion is privately owned and operated and is an icon of complete aristocracy and a lavish lifestyle on Long Island. There are so many things you can do there. For example, you can host a corporate event or seminar or book it for your wedding photos. Moreover, you can also make reservations at Oheka Castle for daily lunch and dinners.

So there you go – a round up of some of the most fancy yet exhilarating Gold Coast mansions. Whether you’re a local, nearby resident or are visiting Long Island, don’t miss out these amazing mansions.

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