What Are Homebuyers Looking For Today?

If you are looking for a home, you probably have a budget in mind as well as an idea of how many bedrooms and baths you want. You may also know the neighborhood you want to live in. But in addition to the obvious, there are other things you will want to consider when looking at a home. Times are changing. The pandemic and current trends affect what homeowners are looking for. If you make a smart choice when choosing your home, you will get the most out of your living experience and you will make a bigger profit when you sell.

With that in mind, here are some things you will want to consider when you’re home shopping:

A Home Office:

Advanced technology has opened up more opportunities for telecommuting and the pandemic has made this an even more popular trend.

Employees love working from home because they save time and money on commuting and can enjoy a flexible schedule. Employers benefit from a reduced need for workspace, a bigger pool of talent to choose from and workers that are happier and more productive.

Telecommuting is clearly a trend that is not going anywhere. As such, it’s important to find a home with space for a work at home office.

Even if there are no rooms designated as offices, you can be creative. Smaller bedrooms, private nooks and even large walk in closets can be converted into a space you can work out of peacefully.


ADU’s are a construction trend that’s really taking off. Short for Accessory Dwelling Units, these are finished basements and garages that can be rented to tenants or used as vacation rentals. They have become even more popular with the Air BnB, alternative income generation.

While your property may not have a converted guesthouse, it may be worth it for you to hire contractors to transform an unfinished garage or basement into an ADU. It’s a good way to generate income while living in your home and it will increase the home’s value when you sell it.


Sure, everyone wants their home to be in a convenient location that’s close to schools, businesses and parks. But today, home buyers want those locations so close, they can walk there.

Today, people are putting a spotlight on health and environmental issues. They know that walking reduces the need for cars that produce air polluting carbon emissions while providing a great way to get some exercise.

And with the pandemic still going strong, having a nearby park or outdoor area can make all the difference.

There are certain things we will always want in a home, but current trends will make some features more desirable than others. Walkability, ADUs and home offices are more important now than ever and it is predicted that they will continue to be favorites with homebuyers for some time to come. What will you be looking for when you’re ready to buy?

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